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8.20.080 Tourist and Traveler Facilities.

A.  Definition.  “Travelers’ accommodations” includes any establishment having rooms or apartments rented or kept for rent on a daily or weekly basis to travelers or transients for a charge or fee paid or to be paid for rental or use of facilities.

B.  Cleanliness.  It is unlawful for any owner, lessee, or person managing or in control of such premises to let, lease or rent lodgings in any hotel, tenement, flat, rooming house, cubicle, dormitory or dwelling that is infested with bedbugs, lice or other vermin.  Every such building and every part thereof shall be at all times kept clean and free from dirt, garbage and refuse.  Whenever it shall appear to the Health Officer that any such building or room is in an unsanitary condition or infested with bedbugs, lice or other vermin, he shall notify the person in charge of such building to immediately fumigate, cleanse or paint the interior of any such building or room or take such other action as may be reasonably necessary to remedy the condition.  It is unlawful for the owner or person in charge of such building and their agents to use or maintain any such building or room or permit their use for sleeping apartments until such order has been complied with.

C.  Certificate of sanitation.  No person shall establish, operate, manage or maintain any travelers’ accommodation or tourist park without first securing a certificate of sanitation from the Bureau of Health.  Application for a certificate of sanitation shall be made in writing on a form prepared for the purpose and provided by the Bureau of Health.

D.  Cubic contents.  It is unlawful for any person to use any building as a sleeping apartment which contains less than 400 cubic feet of air space for each person over 14 years of age, 300 cubic feet of air space for each person over 6 years of age but not over 14 years of age, and 200 cubic feet of air space for each person 6 years of age and under.

E.  Bedding.  All mattresses shall be provided with conventional mattress covers or pads.  All mattresses shall be provided with waterproof coverings whenever required by the Health Officer.  All beds, bed clothing, mattresses and pillows shall be kept clean and free from vermin.  Clean sheets and pillowcases shall be furnished for each bed at least once a week; provided, however, that they must be furnished each time a new lodger occupies the bed.

F.  Toilet facilities.  When rental units are not equipped with self‑contained toilet facilities, there shall be provided one approved water closet, bath and lavatory for each sex, in the ratio of one of each for every 10 rental units or fraction thereof and not less than one for each sex for each 10 beds.  Toilet rooms shall be clearly marked for men and women.  All toilet and bathrooms for general use shall be provided with nonabsorbent floors and base in conformity with the requirements of the housing Code; the walls and ceilings shall be of approved materials and finished smooth.  Toilet and bathrooms shall be adequately lighted and ventilated to the outside air.

G.  Insects, rodents and pets.  All practical measures of sanitation and construction shall be used to effectively build out and control insects and rodents.  No pet animals shall be permitted to run at large or to commit any nuisances within the premises of a travelers’ accommodation or tourist park.