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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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8.20.190 Storage of Dangerous Materials.

No dwelling or any part thereof, or any part of the lot upon which it is situated, shall be used as a place for storing or handling feed, hay, straw, excelsior, cotton, paper stock, feathers, rags, or any other combustible material, or any article which is dangerous or detrimental to life or health, except under such conditions as may be prescribed by the fire marshal upon written permit issued by him.

There shall be no transom, window, or door opening into a public hall from any portion of a multiple dwelling where paint, oil or spirituous liquors are stored.

No explosive or highly inflammable material shall be stored in any hospital, jail or similar multiple dwelling, unless such material shall be enclosed in a fireproof room with masonry walls.  This room shall have only one opening into the building, and that opening shall be protected with a fire door approved by fire underwriters.  This room shall have a window opening to the exterior air, so placed as to prevent the direct rays of the sun from gaining access thereto.  Hotels, lodging houses and dwellings of similar occupancy shall also comply with the requirements of the Building Code and the Fire Code as they relate to prohibited hazards.