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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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8.20.260 School Sanitation.

In all schools in the City:

A.  Toilet rooms shall be properly equipped, clean, free from marks, and well ventilated.  All toilet facilities shall be separate for each sex.  The floors thereof shall be constructed of cement, tile or other waterproof material free from cracks or other conditions which would prevent thorough and proper cleaning.  The walls and ceilings shall be constructed of smooth surface, washable materials and kept free from obscene writings and markings.  In toilet rooms each toilet shall occupy a separate compartment.  The walls of compartments or partitions between fixtures may be less than the height of the room walls but the top shall not be less than 6 feet from the floor and the bottom not less than 1 foot from the floor.  The door to every toilet room shall be fitted with an effective self‑closing device and screened so that the interior of the room is not visible from the outside.

B.  Water closets shall be provided in the following ratio:

   Girls   Boys
 Elementary Schools        1‑20  1‑30
 Secondary Schools     1‑45    1‑90

At least two water closets shall be installed in each general toilet room.  Urinals shall be provided in all schools in the ratio of 1 urinal to 30 boys, but at least 2 urinals shall be installed in each boy’s general toilet room.

Additional facilities properly located with regard to rooms for community use, playgrounds, cafeterias, gymnasiums, auditoriums and other special needs, shall be provided in addition to those determined by the ratios above.

C.  Wash basins in elementary schools shall be provided in the ratio of 1 for each 20 girls and 1 for each 20 boys.  When the practice of providing wash facilities in each classroom is followed, then those installed in the toilet rooms may be in the ratio of 1 to 40.  Twenty‑four inches of the circumference of a wash fountain shall be considered the equivalent of one wash basin. Wash basins in secondary schools shall be provided in the ratio of 1 to each 50 pupils or fraction thereof, provided that a minimum of 2 such fixtures shall be installed in each general toilet room.

D.  Drinking fountains of a type approved by the Health Officer shall be provided in the ratio of 1 fountain for each 50 children or fraction thereof.  Drinking fountains shall be located conveniently to playgrounds, shops and gymnasiums.  Drinking fountains shall not be located in toilet rooms.

E.  Toilet rooms shall be kept clean, and they shall be swept daily and scrubbed at least twice a week and more often if necessary.  Toilets, urinals and wash basin fixtures shall be scrubbed daily.  A constant supply of paper towels, soap and toilet paper shall be provided in each toilet room.  All buildings shall receive regular and efficient cleaning at least once a week.  Windows, transoms, mirrors and light fixtures shall be kept clean.