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The City of Portland, Oregon

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21.08.040 Extending Distribution Mains Outside the City

(Amended by Ordinance No. 182053, effective August 15, 2008.) Any person desiring a main extension outside the City may make written application for construction of a water main. The Chief Engineer may approve of the main extension if it does not unreasonably impair water supply or pressure to existing services, whether inside or outside the City, and cannot reasonably be served through any other supplier.
The Chief Engineer shall determine if the water main extension is to be designed and constructed by the City, or if permission is to be granted for private design and construction of the main. If privately constructed, the work shall conform to Portland Water Bureau specifications. Upon Bureau inspection and acceptance of the new water system, the Bureau shall make connection to the existing water system. After acceptance by the City, the water main extension shall become the property of the City.
If the Bureau is to lay the main extension, the applicant shall pay to the Bureau the estimated cost thereof prior to construction. The cost includes the cost of any bond or other security required by any subdivision of government having jurisdiction over the location of the main extension. If the actual cost, including overhead expenses computed in accordance with the provisions of the finance regulations of City Code exceeds the amount prepaid, the applicant shall pay the difference to the Bureau. If the actual cost computed as herein prescribed is less than the amount prepaid by the applicant, the difference shall be refunded. When the applicant requests a set price for such installation, the Bureau shall establish a price based on the estimated cost and in no case after a set price has been established shall refunds or additional charges for the installation be made except in those cases where changes have been made at the request of the applicant.
The City shall not be responsible for any change or enlargement of the main or main extension outside the City, and shall not be responsible for any portion of the cost of relaying or changing the main or main extension because of subsequent improvement of any public work.
Application for connection of property outside the City to City water main or main extension shall be deemed a waiver of any deficiency of supply, pressure, or any other inadequacies, whether attributable to prior or future connections or extensions, and shall be deemed a covenant that the applicant shall comply with all provisions of this Title and the rules and regulations of the Bureau and must have prior approval of the Portland City Council.