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21.12.010 Service to Property Adjacent to Water Main.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 182053, effective August 15, 2008.) Property within the City and adjacent to a City water main may be served subject to the provisions of this Code, and the annual water rate ordinance.
To obtain water service, the service connection must be along the frontage of the property to be served and be adjacent to a public or private street in which there is a public water main. With the exceptions noted in this section, water service shall not be provided by means of an easement. With the approval of the Chief Engineer, water service may be provided from a main within an existing easement. The service must be within the easement and must be readily accessible for maintenance and meter reading. The Chief Engineer may approve of a water service within an easement across a separate parcel of land if the parcel the applicant desires to serve has no frontage along a public right-of-way. The applicant must provide a copy of the recorded easement at the time of application for service.
If application is made for service from a water main less than 6 inches in diameter, the connection shall be deemed temporary unless such main was designated as a permanent main. In any case, such connection shall not entitle the person or premises to have said main replaced with a larger main at City expense. The application for service from a 4 inch main or smaller shall be deemed a waiver of any deficiency of supply, pressure, or any other inadequacy, whether attributable to prior or future connections or extensions. The application shall be deemed a covenant that the applicant will comply with all the provisions of this Title and the rules and regulations of the Bureau.
Property outside the City, but adjacent to a City main, may be served with the approval of the Chief Engineer and the Administrator, subject to all the provisions of this Section and Chapter 21.28 Outside City Services and Wholesale Distributors. This service shall be a special contract service and not provided by the City as a common utility service, as described in Section 21.28.010 "Individual Water Services Outside the City."