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21.12.060 New Service Where Change in Size or Relocation is Desired.

(Replaced by Ordinance No. 182053, effective August 15, 2008.)

A.   When a new smaller or larger sized service is desired at the same property and the Chief Engineer concurs that the requested size is appropriate:

1.   For each new larger sized service, an old service will be removed without charge.

2.   For a new smaller or same sized service, the charge to remove an old service is provided in the annual rate ordinance.

3.   Charges to remove inactivated service branches larger than ¾" are provided in the annual rate ordinance.

B.   Charges to install the new services are provided in the annual rate ordinance.

C.   If the Bureau has identified a service as being defective, a new service of the same or smaller size may be substituted at no charge to the applicant at the time the defective service is being replaced provided there is written authorization. However, if application for a larger service is received, the applicant will pay the difference between the two sizes, and credit for the System Development Charge (see Section 21.16.170 "System Development Charge") will be applied for cost of the meter for the service being removed as herein provided.

D.   If service is relocated or changed in size, proper backflow protection must be installed as outlined in the Code Section 21.04.030 "Backflow Assembly Installation Requirements." The cost of backflow protection shall be the responsibility of the property owner.