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21.12.070 Separate Service.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 182053, effective August 15, 2008.) Unless otherwise provided in this section, a separate service shall be required to supply water to each separate parcel of land and to each house or building under separate ownership upon the same parcel. A parcel is considered separate when partitioned by a different ownership, street, or public way.
Unless otherwise provided hereunder, a separate service shall be required for each house or building even if under one ownership and on the same lot or parcel of land. A single service may be provided for multiple units under single ownership. A single service may be approved by the Chief Engineer for multiple units which are individually owned when there is a contract with the Portland Water Bureau specifying who shall be responsible for all water bills and charges. Otherwise, multiple units which are individually owned must have a separate service to each unit.
The Bureau may limit the number of houses or buildings or the area of land under one ownership to be supplied by one service connection or meter.
Two or more houses or buildings under one ownership and on the same lot or parcel of land may be supplied through a single service meter, if approved by the Administrator or Chief Engineer. If the property on which the houses or buildings are located is divided by sale, a separate water service shall be obtained for each ownership prior to the sale.
Not withstanding terms to the contrary in this section, a property owner may request, and the Chief Engineer may authorize, continuation of water service, through existing lines, to the owners of property divided by sale, if the divided parcels will continue to share use of existing water lines and mains, as they did prior to the sale and which were in compliance with the provisions of Title 21 at the time of the sale. Authorization will not be granted if there is a change in size or location of any of the existing water services.
In addition, the party requesting exemption from the standard requirement, described above, must provide the Administrator with a document that has been recorded, the purpose of which is to authorize all users of the common lines and mains to access those lines as necessary, for installation, maintenance and repair of the common system, said rights to run with the land.
The service connection to a parcel of land shall not be used to supply an adjoining parcel of a different owner, or to supply a separate parcel of the same owner for which proper application for service has not been made. When property provided with a service is subdivided, the service connection shall be considered as supplying the parcel of land which it directly enters. See Section 21.12.010 "Service to Property Adjacent to Water Main" for allowed location of water service.