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21.12.090 Permit for Temporary Service.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 180120 and 182053, effective August 15, 2008.) The Portland Water Bureau may issue a permit for a temporary water service to a site that has no long-term need of a permanent water service. Use of a temporary service shall not exceed one (1) year from the date of installation if it is a conventional metered service and ninety (90) days if supply is from a fire hydrant. The Portland Water Bureau may grant a one (1) year time extension, for a total maximum term of two (2) years from the date of installation of the conventional metered service for a government agency project which occurs within or adjacent to the City's right-of-way property and requires temporary irrigation service.
The permittee desiring temporary service shall make application to the Portland Water Bureau and shall declare the intended purpose of the service and shall specify the location of the service, the length of time needed, the volume of water required and the peak flow rate anticipated.
If temporary service is allowed, the Portland Water Bureau will install a service at the expense of the permittee, or allow the temporary use of a fire hydrant as a source of supply. If the Water Bureau installs a temporary service, the permittee shall utilize it as if it were a normal permanent service. If supply is from a fire hydrant, the permittee must continuously follow the established rules and regulations governing the use of a fire hydrant, as detailed in Section 21.24.020 "Fire Hydrants", as well as all city, state and federal rules, regulations, and guidelines governing the proper use and disposal of water. The permittee must meter or accurately gauge usage of water from a fire hydrant and report that usage to the Water Bureau. The permittee must not use water from another fire hydrant than specified in the permit without prior written approval of the Water Bureau. The permittee shall use water exclusively for the stated purpose of the permit and shall not allow others to utilize the permit to obtain water for any other purpose.
All temporary water services are required to have a minimum of a double check valve assembly installed for backflow protection. The backflow assembly must be installed at the service connection to the property. All costs associated with backflow prevention assemblies will be the responsibility of the owner or applicant.