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21.12.220 Fire Protection Service.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 180120 and 182053, effective August 15, 2008.) Water through a fire service shall be used only to extinguish a fire on the inside and the outside of the structure(s) that it serves and to test the fire system. A fire service is specifically not to be used for domestic, maintenance, or irrigation purposes.
The Portland Water Bureau shall install and maintain a meter for a fire service of less than 2 inch. A fire service 2 inch and larger that supplies only a fire system shall be equipped with a detector metering device that is part of the backflow prevention assembly. This assembly shall be installed and maintained by the property owner. In addition, the Bureau shall install and maintain a metering device on a fire service that has private on-site fire hydrants, hose systems or other appurtenances that would allow the unauthorized use of water through the fire system for purposes other than to extinguish a fire. A service that supplies water for multiple needs, such as for domestic use and for fire suppression, shall be fully metered and shall comply with the requirements of Section 21.12.030 "Application for Installation or Removal of Water Service."
Backflow protection which complies with Section 21.12.320 "Contamination of the City Water Supply and Requirements for Backflow Protection" is required on all fire services. All costs associated with providing backflow protection are the responsibility of the property owner.
To avoid unauthorized use of a fire protection system the Bureau will require the owner to install an approved full-flow meter under the following conditions:

A.   The existing detector metering device registers use of water for purposes other than to extinguish a fire or to test the system, or;

B.   Connections have been added to a system provided with a detector meter or detector double check valve assembly.

When full-flow metering is required because of unauthorized use, the Bureau shall charge the property owner or ratepayer for installing the meter, the meter vault, and shall assess a system development charge based on the size of the service. The Bureau policy for additional charges for unauthorized use of water from a fire protection system is established in Section 21.16.200 "Charges for Unauthorized Use of Fire Protection Services."