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17.41.050 Abatement.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 176955, effective October 9, 2002.)

A. The owner of the responsible property is required to abate the landslide.

B. Abatement of a landslide includes:

1. Immediate work necessary to remove the debris from any areas where it would constitute or create a hazard to the public and to temporarily stabilize the slope; and

2. Permanent stabilization of the slope, as necessary, through engineered solutions such as retaining walls or riprap. Plans and specifications for permanent stabilization shall be prepared by a professional engineer registered in the State of Oregon and shall be approved by the City Engineer.

C. If summary abatement is not directed, the City Engineer may post notice on the responsible property of the requirement for immediate abatement, including dates by which the abatement must be commenced and completed. Such notice shall also be mailed to the owner and/or occupant of the responsible property. If the abatement is not commenced or completed within the time provided in the notice, the City Engineer may cause the landslide to be abated and the costs assessed against the responsible property.

D. Where necessary, the City Engineer may also post and mail notice regarding the requirement for permanent stabilization of the slope. Such notice shall include the date by which plans for such permanent stabilization shall be submitted to the City Engineer. If such plans are not submitted by the stated date, the City Engineer may cause the permanent stabilization portion of the abatement to be accomplished and the cost assessed against the responsible property.

E. Before beginning any work in the right-of-way, the owner of the responsible property shall obtain the permits required by Chapter 17.24 of this Code.

F. A building permit shall be required for permanent stabilization work performed on private property. Such permits shall be approved by the Bureau of Development Services and the City Engineer.

G. If at any stage of the abatement, the owner of the responsible property fails to comply with the requirements imposed by the City Engineer, the City Engineer may cause the abatement to be completed by the City and the cost assessed against the responsible property.

H. If there is more than one responsible property, the City Engineer shall apportion all costs incurred by the City in abatement based on the front footage of the slide area in the right-of-way.

I. Nothing in this Code shall be deemed to prevent a party required by this Chapter to pay for abatement of a landslide from exercising any rights her or she may have against the party or parties who may have caused the landslide.