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The City of Portland, Oregon

Charter, Code and Policies

City of Portland



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Section 7-112 Limited Special Tax Levies.

Special taxes for fixed amounts or limited terms, may be levied and collected at the same time and in the same manner as other tax levies, upon approval by a majority of the City electors voting thereon. Measures for such special tax levies shall be submitted to the electors in the form of separate acts at a general or special election as authorizations or directions to the City Council or other levying body, without provision for amendment to this Charter. Copies of such measures approved by the voting majority shall be kept by the City officer responsible for accounting in a separate Current Special Tax Levy Register, and shall be public records having the same effect as though included in this Charter by amendment. All such authorizations for special tax levies not fully used or which have not fully expired by their terms, which were included in the City Charter at the time of passage of this amendment or approved at the time of passage of this amendment, shall be continued in full force and effect regardless of deletion from the Charter and shall be included by the City officer responsible for accounting in the Current Special Tax Levy Register. After the authority for a special tax levy has been fully used or has expired, it shall be removed from the current register and placed in a File of Completed Special Tax Levies. This Section shall not apply to authorizations to levy special taxes which by the provisions thereof, grant continuing authority from year to year without period limitations, notwithstanding stated maximum amounts or millage limits on the taxes which may be levied for any one year. Such authorizations shall continue as part of this Charter. [New sec. Nov. 6, 1962; am. May 20, 1986; am. May 18, 1994.]