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The City of Portland, Oregon

Charter, Code and Policies

City of Portland



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Section 9-403 Remonstrances.

Street improvement procedures established by ordinance shall provide for mailed notice to the property owners within the proposed district of the Council's intention to improve any street, and an opportunity for the owners of the property within the proposed assessment district to make and file written objections or remonstrances against the proposed improvement. The period for filing of written objections or remonstrances shall be set by ordinance but shall not exceed sixty days from the date notice is mailed. If the owners of three-fifths or more in area of the property file objections, further proceedings in the making of such improvement are barred for a period of six (6) months unless the owners of one-half or more of the property affected subsequently petition therefor. If an objection, remonstrance or petition is signed by the agent or attorney of any property owner, the agent or attorney's authority to sign shall be filed with the Auditor within the time provided for the remonstrance or petition or the signature shall be disregarded. If objections or remonstrances legally signed by the owners of three-fifths of the property affected are not filed, the Council may order the improvement. [New sec. Nov. 8, 1966; am. Nov. 3, 1992.]