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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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8.32.050 Layout of Grounds.

A.  Every trailer court shall be enclosed by a substantial fence not less than 6 feet in height, constructed of masonry, woven wire, or other similar construction approved by the building inspector.

B.  Each trailer coach space shall contain a minimum of 1,000 square feet inclusive of parking space for the propelling vehicle, shall be at least 25 feet wide, shall be plainly marked in some permanent manner, and shall abut on a driveway or the clear area with unobstructed access to a public street.  Such spaces shall be clearly defined, and trailer coaches shall be parked in such spaces so that there will be a minimum of 15 feet between trailer coaches and so that no trailer coach will be less than 10 feet from the exterior boundary of the trailer court.

C.  Access roads shall be provided to each trailer space.  Each access road shall be continuous, shall connect with a street or highway, shall have a minimum width of 20 feet and shall be properly surfaced.

D.  An occupied trailer coach shall not be parked closer than 25 feet to any public street or highway, and no part of such trailer coach shall obstruct any public roadway or walkway.  An occupied trailer coach shall not be allowed to remain in a trailer court unless a trailer space is available.

E.  Adequate areas shall be provided for the parking of motor vehicles of guests.

F.  Outside drying space adjacent to the service building, or other clothes drying facilities, shall be provided.