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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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8.32.060 Buildings.

A.  Every court shall have an office and a sign designating it as such.  Each trailer court shall be provided with one or more service buildings adequately equipped with flush type water closet fixtures.  Each establishment shall have not less than one water closet for females, one water closet for males, one lavatory and shower for each sex, one urinal for males, one laundry unit (laundry tray or washing machine), and one slop‑sink.  Dependent trailer coaches shall be parked not more than 200 feet from a service building.

B.  Service buildings shall:

1.  Be located 15 feet or more from any trailer space;

2.  Be of permanent construction and adequately lighted;

3.  Be provided with a floor and a base not less than 6 inches in height, the floor and the base being made of waterproof material such as concrete, tile, or other approved impervious material;

4.  Have sufficient toilet and laundry facilities, according to the ratio stipulated, to serve adequately both males and females;

5.  Have adequate heating facilities to maintain a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit during cold weather, and to supply minimum of 3 gallons of 140 degrees Fahrenheit minimum hot water per hour per trailer coach space during time of peak demands;

6.  Have all rooms properly ventilated, with all openings effectively screened;

7.  Shall have at least one slop‑sink with hot and cold water, accessible to both sexes at all times;

8.  All trailer court buildings shall comply with the housing, building, electrical, plumbing and health and sanitation regulations.