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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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8.40.130 Demolition of Rat Infested Buildings.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 176955, effective October 9, 2002.)  It is unlawful to demolish, wreck or raze any building in the City used for commercial purposes or as a warehouse, barn, or stable, under order of a department of the City, until the Bureau of Health shall have certified that it is free from rodents.  The certificate shall state that the premises have been baited with rat poison in a manner approved by or under the direction of the bureau.  When such a building is vacated for the purpose of its being demolished, wrecked, or razed, the owner or person having control of such premises shall report such vacation to the Bureau of Health within 3 days.  The Bureau of Health shall immediately cause an inspection to be made of the premises, and if the premises are found to be infested with, or to be a breeding place for rodents, they shall be baited or treated under the direction of the Bureau for a period not to exceed 30 days, at the expense of the owner or person having control of the premises.

Upon receipt of an application for a permit to demolish, wreck, or raze a building in the City, it shall be the duty of the Bureau of Development Services to report such an application to the Bureau of Health.  No permit for demolition, wrecking, or razing shall be issued until the Bureau of Health certifies to the Bureau of Development Services that the building for which the application is made has been found free of rodents or has been treated or baited in the manner herein stated.

In the case of demolition, wrecking, or razing by the City under authority of an ordinance, the City shall be entitled to recover the cost for baiting or treating such premises in the same manner as it recovers other expenses incident to such demolition, wrecking or razing.