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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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Section 11-302 Service Charges.

For all purposes relating to design, construction, acquisition, operation, maintenance and contract requirements of sewage treatment or purification facilities and related facilities, the City may fix fees and charges for connection or use or both of sewers and sewage purification or disposal systems to be paid by property which is served or is capable of being served for use of the sewage disposal system. Sewer user service charges may be collected by the Water Bureau which shall be compensated for such service as determined by the Council. The City may establish procedures for collection and may provide for penalties, interest and costs. The City may establish requirements and impose regulations as it finds appropriate. Sewer user service charges shall be paid for all premises connected with City sewers, directly or indirectly, notwithstanding that such premises may have been assessed or may in the future be assessed for construction of sewers under local improvement assessment procedures or may have otherwise paid for sewers.

The City may enter into contracts relating to sewage disposal, treatment or purification or all such functions. The City may impose charges for sewage transportation, disposal, treatment or purification or any or all such functions, on property outside the City served through City facilities, at rates no less than those imposed for similar service inside the City to similar classifications.

Proceeds of such charges shall be placed in the Sewage Disposal Fund, and may be expended for any matter connected with the sewer or sewage disposal or treatment system of the City, and bonded debt and debt service related thereto. [Added Nov. 8, 1938, sec. 347; 1942 recod., sec. 9-604; Nov. 8, 1960, new sec. 9-606; rev. Nov. 8, 1966 as sec. 11-302; am. May 26, 1970.]