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The City of Portland, Oregon

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8.68.020 Notice of Unhealthful Condition of Premises.

When upon investigation or inspection by the Health Officer, it is found that any building, property, or place where foodstuff of any kind or description is manufactured, processed, stored, handled, kept, or exposed for sale, or any such building, property, or place in which any person or persons dwell, or engage in any occupation, or assemble, is kept or permitted to be or remain in an unsanitary or filthy condition, or is not lighted or ventilated as required by Code, or in which the drainage and/or plumbing is so defective or unsanitary as to constitute a danger to health, or where the construction or condition of a building or part thereof is such as to endanger health, it shall be the duty of the Health Officer to notify in writing the owner or agent of the owner or person occupying such building or property, stating therein the condition or thing to be corrected and requiring that the same be corrected within a reasonable time to be specified in such notice.  If, within such time, the condition is not remedied, it shall be the duty of the Health Officer to post or cause to be posted in a conspicuous place on such building or property a notice stating that such building or property has been found to be dangerous to health and that notice for correction has been given.  The posted notice shall be continued until the dangerous condition has been corrected and the premises again inspected and found to be in healthful condition, whereupon the Health Officer shall remove the notice so posted.  It is unlawful for any person other than the Health Officer, or those acting under him, to remove, destroy, deface, cover up, or conceal any notice posted as herein provided except by written permission of the Health Officer.