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5.36.115 Designation of “Persons In Charge” for Purposes of Excluding Persons From City Property.

(Added by Ordinance No. 161538, effective February 4, 1989.)

A.  For purposes of ordering persons to leave City property, each Commissioner In Charge is authorized to designate persons in charge of City property within that Commissioner’s assigned bureaus and departments or to which that Commissioner otherwise has authority.  The designation shall be made in writing, and any person so designated shall be a “person in charge” as that term is defined in ORS 164.205(5) until the designation is removed by the Commissioner In Charge or the designated person ceases to be an employee or officer of the City of Portland.

B.  City elected officials and the administrator of each City bureau shall advise the Commissioner In Charge on the selection of individuals to be designated as “persons in charge” of City property, and shall advise the Commissioner In Charge of the City property over which such individuals exercise control.  They shall also advise the Commissioner In Charge when the list of designated “persons in charge” is in need of amendment.

C.  The Commissioner In Charge shall maintain a list of all persons who have been designated as “persons in charge” of City property.  Upon request, the City shall provide a copy of the list to the District Attorneys of Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties.

D.  For purposes of this Section, “City property” shall include all real property either owned by the City or in which the City has a property interest.