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The City of Portland, Oregon

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5.52.010 Petty Cash and Change Accounts.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 135063, 138943, 141163, 146673, 152320, 162106; 169321 and 177676, effective July 9 2003.)

A. Council by ordinance has authorized various offices of the City government to have petty cash and change funds. The Chief Administrative Officer shall approve establishment, closure, and administer changes to these funds, effective July 9, 2003. Petty cash accounts shall be for incidental expenditures and change cash accounts shall be for the purpose of making change at authorized locations and activities.

B. The amount of each purchase from petty cash accounts shall not exceed $100 unless approved in writing by the Bureau Manager.

C. A petty cash account exceeding $1,000 may be maintained as a checking account designated "City of Portland, Bureau of _________ , (Title of Account.)" Such accounts shall be the responsibility of the individual bureaus/agencies, which will:

1. Authorize in writing three signatures for each account.

2. Require two signatures on each check.

3. Establish a dollar limit for each check.

4. Establish a control system for the account.

5. Provide for audit procedures.

The City Treasurer shall provide technical assistance to the bureaus/agencies in the establishment of such accounts.

D. Reimbursement from petty cash accounts may be made to employees for the purchase of safety shoes and/or rain gear as provided in labor contracts with the City. Such reimbursements for these specific purchases shall be restricted to the $100 limitation for petty cash purposes.