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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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Pending City Code Changes

The online version of the City Code is updated monthly. The following ordinances are not yet reflected in the online City Code. If you have questions regarding these changes, please contact the City Auditor's Office Code Editor . 

Note:  This list does not include amendments to Title 33 Planning and Zoning which is maintained by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.

Pending Online City Code Changes

Authorizing Ordinance/Measure # Ordinance/Measure Title Passed by Council Effective Date
 190093 Amend the Comprehensive Plan, Comprehensive Plan Map, Zoning Map, Title 33 Planning and Zoning, and Title 30 Affordable Housing, to revise the Single-Dwelling Residential designations and base zones (Amend Title 33 & Title 30)

Note: Title 33 maintained by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability 
8/12/2020 8/1/2021
(Ordinance No. 190093  directives a,c &e effective 9/11/2020)
 190114 Prohibit the use of Face Recognition Technologies by private entities in places of public accommodation in the City (Add Code Title 34) 9/9/2020 1/1/2021
190126 Amend the Building Demolition Code to move implementation details to the administrative rule, update asbestos requirements to conform to state regulations, update demolition inspections language to be consistent with current practices, increase fines for non-compliance, and make other modifications for clarity and consistency and amend fee schedule (Amend Code Chapter 24.55) 9/16/2020 10/16/2020
190129 Amend Business License Law Code related to the administration of the Residential Rental Registration Program and housekeeping changes (Amend Code Chapter 7.02) 9/16/2020 10/16/2020
190132 Amend Local Improvement District procedure for technical clarifications (Amend Code Chapter 17.08) 9/16/2020 10/16/2020
190134 Amend Seismic Related Definitions for Existing Buildings Code to update references from the old American Society of Civil Engineers standards to the current version of the standards (Amend Code Section 24.85.020) 9/16/2020 10/16/2020
190145 Amend Property Tax Exemption for Multiple-Unit Housing Development Code and Inclusionary Housing Code to extend the current inclusion rate until 2021 (Amend Code Sections 30.01.120 and 3.103.040) 9/23/2020 10/23/2020
190166 Update Drainage and Water Quality Code provisions to facilitate the implementation of the Stormwater Management Manual and the Source Control Manual (Replace Code Chapter 17.38) 10/14/2020 11/13/2020

Questions about the Charter and City Code may be directed to Auditor's Code Editor

Questions about the Portland Policy Documents (PPD) may be directed to the Auditor's Policy Editor.