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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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Pending City Code Changes

The online version of the City Code is updated monthly. The following ordinances are not yet reflected in the online City Code. If you have questions regarding these changes, please contact the City Auditor's Office Code Editor . 

Note:  This list does not include amendments to Title 33 Planning and Zoning which is maintained by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.

Pending Online City Code Changes

Authorizing Ordinance # Ordinance Title Passed by Council Effective Date
 189611 Amend Acquisition of Public Art Code to expand eligible uses of the 2% funds, explicitly prioritize underserved communities and clarify City accountability (Amend Code Chapter 5.74) 7/24/2019 8/23/2019
 189613 Amend Portland Policy Documents Code to update and clarify repository procedures (Amend Code Chapter 1.07) 7/24/2019 8/23/2019
 189614 Update City Code to revise the definitions of decision or determination and administrative act for purposes of administrative appeals (Amend Code Subsections 3.130.010 A. and 22.10.010 B.) 7/24/2019 8/23/2019
189629 Amend Title 17 Public Improvements code to permit the attachment of wireless facilities on poles (Add Code Subsections 17.04.010 Z., 17.24.010 J. and 17.60.110 F.) 7/31/2019 8/30/2019
189635 Amend City Code to update oath of office requirements (Amend Code Chapter 3.74 and Sections 3.20.190 and 3.20.240) 7/31/2019 8/30/2019
189646 Repeal outdated City Code Title 12 Air Pollution Emergency Episodes (Repeal Code Title 12) 8/7/2019 9/6/2019
189651 Amend Vehicles and Traffic and Public Improvements codes to add necessary clarification and update language to align with current City practices (Amend Code Title 16 and 17; add Chapter 17.109) 8/7/2019 9/6/2019
189580 Add Evaluation of Applicants for Dwelling Units to include renter protections in the form of screening criteria regulations (Add Code Section 30.01.086) 6/19/2019 3/1/2020
189581 Add Security Deposits; Pre-paid Rent to include renter protections in the form of security deposit regulations (Add Code Section 30.01.087) 6/19/2019 3/1/2020

Questions about the Charter and City Code may be directed to Auditor's Code Editor

Questions about the Portland Policy Documents (PPD) may be directed to the Auditor's Policy Editor.