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17.82.070 Improvements in Land Divisions.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 176955 and 182760, effective June 5, 2009.)  The following improvements shall be installed at no cost to the public:

A.  Streets: Public streets and public alleys within or adjacent to the land division shall be improved in accordance with the requirements of the City Engineer. Street inlets shall be installed and connected to storm sewers or other approved drainage facilities.

B.  Public pedestrian and bicycle connections, within the Land division site and located in public right-of-way or easements dedicated to the City shall be improved in accordance with the requirements of the City Engineer.

C.  Storm sewers and drainageways: Storm sewers and drainageways shall connect the Land division site to an approved drainage system (as defined in 17.38.030) within or outside the Land division site as approved by the Chief Engineer of the Bureau of Environmental Services or the Bureau of Development Services.  Design of these systems shall comply with the Bureau of Environmental Services Stormwater Management Manual and the Bureau of Environmental Services Design Manual.

D.  Sanitary sewers: Sanitary sewers shall be installed to serve the Land division by extension of existing City sewers. In the event that the Chief Engineer of the Bureau of Environmental Services determines that it is impractical to connect the Land division site to the City sewer system, the Land division may be approved with a private disposal system which has been approved by the State’s Department of Environmental Quality and the Bureau of Development Services.

E.  Electrical and other wires in the public right-of-way: Electrical distribution laterals and other primary and secondary lines and other wires serving the Land division, including but not limited to communication, street lighting and cable television, shall be placed underground. The developer shall make necessary arrangements with utility companies or other appropriate persons for the installation of underground lines and facilities. This ordinance shall not apply to temporary utility service facilities during construction, or to utility transmission lines operating at 50,000 volts or above.

F.  Street lighting for public rights-of-way: Street lighting shall be provided as approved by the City Engineer and shall include conduits, wiring, bases, poles, arms and fixtures as required by the City Engineer to provide a complete system.