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FIR-1.13 - Fire & Life Safety Emergency Plan Permit Process

Administrative Rule Adopted by Portland Fire & Rescue Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

To provide guidelines for the development of a Fire & Life Safety Emergency Plan.

This policy applies to properties with an existing Fire & Life Safety Emergency Plan (F&LSEP) that was required at the time of development (generally multi-story buildings permitted between 4-1-96 and 4-4-01) and buildings with dwelling units identified in FMO Policy E-3 "At-Risk Multi-Family Dwelling Plan" as requiring a "Fire and Life Safety Plan". It may also be used as a guide for emergency plans done on a voluntary basis where a permit is not required.

BACKGROUND: Between 4-1-96 and 4-4-01 the Accessibility Chapter of the Oregon state structural specialty Code allowed a complete sprinkler system and a F&LSEP as an alternate to construction of an Area of Rescue Assistance. The Plan portion of the alternate was eliminated in 2001. Although no longer required by the Building Code, the Fire Code provides authority to require a plan.

Original: 1991 Uniform Building Code, Section 3107(a).
Current: 2000 Portland Uniform Fire Code (PUFC), 1303.3.5.3 through 1303.5.3.3 inclusive.

  1. A record of the approved plan shall be entered into Fires 2000 under the "App & Agree" tab.
  2. Existing required F&LSEP’s shall be maintained in accord with their original approval.
  3. See also FMO Policy E-3, At-Risk Multi-Family Dwelling Plan, for guidance on requiring and approving new plans.
  4. The Public Education Officer shall record receipt of annual F&LSEP Self-Inspection Review reports in Fires 2000.

  1. Owners/managers will need to develop a procedure for training new tenants/employees and/or occupants in the F&LSEP. This training should be provided as expediently as possible upon their assuming occupancy in the building.
  2. In situations where the owner or manager is absent from the building, the tenant lease agreement will stipulate the tenant’s responsibility to follow the F&LSEP provided by the owner/manager in their absence.
  3. A letter indicating the name of the Fire & Life Safety Emergency Director for that building and the location of the approved F&LSEP will be forwarded to the Fire Marshal’s Office. 
  4. Annually, the applicant will undergo a Fire & Life Safety Review to verify the emergency plan is current and that the building owner/manager is completing their required SEMI-ANNUAL Emergency Evacuation Drills.
  5. Records of this review and of the Emergency Evacuation Drills shall be maintained on site and made available on request by the Fire Inspector.
NOTE: All applicants are subject to an "on-site" Fire & Life Safety inspection

Filed for inclusion in PPD June 13, 2003.
Originally adopted by Fire Marshal as Fire Prevention Division Policy Manual Document A-13, effective November 28, 1995 and revised April 26, 2000.
Revised November 16, 2004.