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FIR-2.05 - Rubbish Containers

Administrative Rule Adopted by Portland Fire & Rescue Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority



A.  This policy is established June 5, 2007.


B. It is the purpose of this policy to provide alternative methods for use and placement of non-metallic containers exceeding 40 gallons capacity for combustible rubbish and waste material storage.


C. This policy applies to all existing structures where Portland Fire & Rescue has authority. This policy does not apply to storage of recycled material.


D. Background: The 2007 Oregon Fire Code as amended and adopted by the City of Portland contains new provisions allowing storage within buildings of combustible containers used for combustible rubbish and waste material when the area is protected by an automatic sprinkler system. This policy establishes the extent of the sprinkler system.



1. 2007 Portland Fire Code (PFC) 304.3


1. Rubbish Container: A receptacle for the storage of refuse. May be metal or plastic and is not designed to be easily movable.


2. Roll Cart: A plastic container with built-in wheels designed to store and move waste without lifting. Issued by the local refuse company. The cart/container is typically rolled to the curb for pickup.


Containers which are combustible and exceed 40 gallon capacity and which are stored inside shall be approved under the following conditions:

A. The location of storage is subject to the approval of the FMO and shall not be within the exit path;

B. An automatic sprinkler system shall protect the approved location and area extending 15 feet beyond the edges of the storage area. Automatic sprinkler systems shall comply with Section 903.3.1.1 of the PFC which also allows Limited Supply systems supplied by adequate domestic water supply piping. Apply Ordinary Group II hazard classification for the fire sprinkler design criteria.



Administrative rule adopted by Chief of Portland Fire & Rescue and filed for inclusion in PPD June 12, 2007.

Administrative rule amended by Chief of Portland Fire & Rescue January 31, 2008.

ADM-FIR-2.05 Furnishings: Flame Spread administrative rule deleted by Chief of Portland Fire & Rescue from PPD June 19, 2007.