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FIR-3.05 - Fireworks - Retail Sales

Administrative Rule Adopted by Portland Fire & Rescue Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

To provide guidelines for issuance of retail sales permits during specified period.

This policy applies to all retail sales locations regulated by Portland Fire & Rescue where fireworks are sold.

Processing of permits shall be the responsibility of the assigned staff person.

Permit for retail sales is outlined in Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 837 Division 12, Section 600 through 675. Steps to be followed upon receipt of properly filled out application are:
1. A State Fire Marshal Retail Sales Permit for Allowed Pyrotechnics (fireworks) application and Retail Fireworks Sales Site Permission Agreement must be submitted to the assigned staff person and approved by the Fire Marshal or an Assistant Fire Marshal.
2. A fee of $50 per -site is required, payable to City Treasurer. A check also needs to be submitted payable to the State Fire Marshal in the amount of $25 to cover the cost of the State fee.
3. After application and accompanying documents are reviewed, the Fire Marshal or an Assistant Fire Marshal may sign the application. A photocopy is then made of the application. The City permit fee is attached and they are both placed in the permit application file drawer. The original application is then forwarded to the State Fire Marshal's office for approval along with the required fee.
4. Upon return of State permit, copy of application and permit fee are retrieved from the application file drawer.
A receipt and City Permit are issued for the site. The originals are then mailed to applicant. The second copy (pink) of receipt is attached to the check and they are placed in the cash drawer for next deposit. The last copy (blue) is left in the receipt book for accounting purposes.
5. Our copy of the permit is placed-on the document control desk for filing.
6. An on-site check for compliance of all requirements will then be made by the District Inspector.

Filed for inclusion in PPD June 13, 2003.
Originally adopted by Fire Marshal as Fire Prevention Division Policy Manual Document C-5, effective May 23, 1988 and revised May 28, 1993.