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FIR-3.06 - Fireworks - Public Display

Administrative Rule Adopted by Portland Fire & Rescue Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority


A.  This policy is established May 23, 1988.

B.  The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the issuance of public fireworks display permits.

C.  This policy applies to permits issued for display in all areas in which Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R) has authority.



1.  Portland City Code (PCC) Title 31

2.  2007 Portland Fire Code (PFC), Chapter 33

3.  Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 837-12-700 through 837-012-970

4.  Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 480

5.  National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 1123, Fireworks Display


A.  Processing of permits shall be the responsibility of the assigned staff person(s).

The process to obtain a Fireworks Display Permit is as follows:

1.  A State Fire Marshal's Firework Display Permit application must be submitted to the assigned Inspector for review and approval.

2.  The applicant must submit an insurance policy naming the City of Portland as an insured party along with endorsements/restrictions as well as a site drawing for review by the assigned Inspector. The policy shall provide a minimum liability limit of $1,000,000 with higher limits required for events deemed to have a greater associated risk than the normal or customary events.

3.  The fees for the display permit are $200, payable to the City Treasurer, plus a fee for the State Fire Marshal's Office of $100 or as specified by the SFMO payable to the State Fire Marshal.

4.  After the application and documents have been reviewed, approved, and signed, the Inspector will forward the permit package to the Police Chief for approval. Once reviewed, the Police Chief will return the application to the Fire Marshal's Office. The Fire Marshal's Office will submit the completed Fireworks Display Permit package and the State's fee to the State Fire Marshal's Office for final approval. Allow 15 days prior to the display date for the State Fire Marshal to process the permit.

5.  Once the Fireworks Display Permit package has been validated by the State Fire Marshal, it will be returned to the Fire Marshal's Office.

6.  A packet consisting of the application, insurance policy, and other supportive papers will be retained in a "holding" file until the event date.

7.  A Fire Official will be present at the event to ensure overall safety and permit compliance.

8.  After the event, the permit package will be filed for historical reference.

Originally adopted by Fire Marshal as Fire Prevention Division Policy Manual Document C-6, effective May 23, 1988 and revised June 16, 1993.
Filed for inclusion in PPD June 13, 2003.
Revised administrative rule adopted by Chief of Portland Fire & Rescue and filed for inclusion in PPD February 1, 2011.