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FIR-8.02 - Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Systems

Administrative Rule Adopted by Portland Fire & Rescue Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority



A.  This policy is established June 29, 1988.

B.  The purpose of this policy is to ensure all fire-related sprinkler systems, standpipes, pumps, and private hydrants are inspected and/or tested per the schedules found in the National Fire Protection Association Standard 25 (NFPA 25).

C.  This policy applies to all occupancies where Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R) has authority.



1.  2007 Portland Fire Code (PFC) 901.6, 901.6.1, Table 901.6.1.

2.  2002 edition of NFPA 25.

3.  Portland City Code Title 31.20.110.


A.  The building owner or representative shall ensure that the frequency of inspection, testing and maintenance occur at intervals specified in NFPA 25. At the time of inspection, fire inspectors shall inquire about the last inspection and testing of fire-related sprinkler systems, standpipes, pumps and private hydrants where applicable.

1.  Ask the building owner or representative to provide a copy of the last annual inspection report. Inspection tags are not sufficient evidence of a thorough inspection.

a.  Note: If the sprinkler system consists of less than 20 sprinkler heads and does not have a Fire Department Connection (FDC), then the fire inspector shall conduct a visual inspection to confirm that the control valve is secured in the open position; there is pressure showing on the water gauge; there are at least 3 spare sprinkler heads; there is sufficient sprinkler coverage; and that the sprinkler heads are not older than 50 years for standard sprinklers, or 20 years for quick response heads.

2.  If more than 1 year has passed since the last inspection, cite the building owner or representative to have the system inspected.

3.  Examine the report for completeness. If any deficiencies are noted, send a special report to the owner or building representative to correct the deficiencies. A permit will be required if any alterations to the system are necessary such as adding, removing or relocating any sprinkler heads.

4.  The last inspection date shall be recorded and entered into FIRES2000.

B.  The inspection, testing, and maintenance of any water based system shall be performed by personnel who have developed competence through training and experience. At least once every five (5) years, this shall be performed by a person holding a Certificate of Fitness issued by Portland Fire & Rescue.

1.  Dry valve systems, pre-action systems, and anti-freeze systems shall be inspected annually by a person holding a current Certificate of Fitness.

C.  Inspection, testing, and maintenance of a water based system shall be implemented in accordance with procedures meeting those established in NFPA 25 and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Records shall be kept of these tests.

1.  Records for the inspection, testing and maintenance of any water based fire protection system shall be recorded on forms provided by Portland Fire & Rescue or on private company forms containing equivalent data.

2.  Standpipe systems that are not part of a combined sprinkler/standpipe system (stand-alone) shall have the annual inspection recorded on a separate inspection form, PF&R Form 300.25 STP or private forms containing equivalent data.

3.  Annual inspections of Fire Pumps shall be reported on PF&R Form 300.26FP or private forms containing equivalent data.

4.  Weekly Fire Pump test reports shall be kept in the pump room in an approved manner.

5.  Records shall be maintained on the premises for a minimum of 6 years and shall be supplied to the Fire Marshal's office upon request.

6.  The original acceptance test shall be retained indefinitely.



Originally adopted by Fire Marshal as Fire Prevention Division Policy Manual Document H-2, effective June 29, 1988, revised March 6, 1990.
Filed for inclusion in PPD June 13, 2003.
Revised rule adopted by Chief of Portland Fire & Rescue June 12, 2007.
Revised rule adopted by Chief of Portland Fire & Rescue June 7, 2010.