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ADM-4.04 - Citywide Web-Based Calendar

Binding City Policy

WHEREAS, Portland is a city that prides itself on having active, involved, and informed neighbors.
WHEREAS, neighbors and businesses want to have a simple, direct way to easily and consistently know what is happening in the City.
WHEREAS, bureaus have consistently worked to inform the community about important meetings, events, and programs.
WHEREAS, in November 2002, to increase the knowledge and awareness by citizens and staff, Resolution No. 36109 required bureaus to utilize PortlandOnline through the Bureau of Technology Services to post notices of significant programs, policies, and projects.
WHEREAS, the Bureau of Technology Services has included in the City’s portal a calendar for up-to-date citywide information about meetings, events, and programs that can integrate all the individual bureau calendar items.
WHEREAS, web-based tools developed by the Bureau of Information Technology include the ability for each bureau to individually enter and maintain its own calendar information that can then be integrated into this central calendar on the City’s PortlandOnline home page. The ability to include links to more specific information is also available.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the calendar feature already included in the City’s homepage become the centralized location for citywide meetings, events, and programs.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Bureau of Technology Services will create for each bureau a calendar that can be included in their PortlandOnline web site and/or be available for entry into the City’s homepage calendar. The Bureau of Technology Services will also provide training for key bureau staff on how to use the web-based calendar feature.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that individual City Bureaus will use and be responsible for creating and updating specific content on their PortlandOnline calendar beginning October 1, 2003.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution is binding City policy.

Adopted by Resolution No. 36170, September 24, 2003.