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FIR-3.14 - Watercraft Display Requests


Administrative Rule Adopted by Portland Fire & Rescue Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority



A. This policy is established February 18, 2010.

B. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for requesting the presence of a Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R) watercraft and personnel for a public display or demonstration.

C. For many years the Fireboat Campbell has been called upon for public water displays for special events. With the addition of other fireboats, rescue boats, and rescue watercraft, it was determined that PF&R needed to capture the guidelines for accepting or rejecting requests related to the PF&R Watercraft Fleet.



1. Harbor Master

2. Fireboat 6 and 17 Captains

3. C103A


A. Requests shall be submitted to the Harbor Master for review and processing at least two weeks prior to the display.

B. The Harbor Master will determine whether or not the display would be appropriate. If in the Harbor Master’s opinion the event meets the criteria as noted in this policy, the appropriate fire station will be contacted to check their schedule and availability.

C. If the event appears to meet the criteria and the schedule can accommodate the request, it shall be routed to C103A for review and approval. Previously approved events may be considered approved by C103A (see lists in F and G, below).

D. Criteria to consider:

1. Large numbers of the public will see the display.

2. Large public events that are visible in the community and have a significant impact for the City.

3. Governmental or quasi-governmental events that will maintain or improve cooperative working relationships.

4. Large charitable events.

5. Events where the services of the fireboat are obtained following PF&R guidelines.

E. Circumstances where water displays would generally not be appropriate:

1. To promote a private enterprise.

2. Small groups and/or small events (less than 250 participants).

3. Uncontrolled river congestion.

F. Pre-approved events NOT requiring administration approval each year:

1. Dragon Boat Races Kick Off – Approximately April 3

2. Submarine Blueback Memorial Day – App. May 6

3. Portland Police Memorial – App. May 10

4. Harbor Splash – App. May 20

5. Maritime Day Memorial Celebration – App. May 22

6. Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade – App. June 2

7. Providence Bridge Pedal – App. August 8

G. Events previously allowed which DO require administrative approval each year:

1. CRYA Opening Day Parade - App. May 3

2. Armed Forces Day – App. May 17

3. Maritime Heritage festival – App. July 25

4. Riverfest - App. August 28

5. Dragon Boat races – App. September 6

6. Row for the Cure – App. September 21

7. Aids Walk - App. October 12

8. Barge Launches / Ship arrivals into Port (1st time)



Administrative rule adopted by Chief of Portland Fire & Rescue February 22, 2010.

Filed for inclusion in PPD February 24, 2010.