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FIR-1.12 - Online Fire System Reporting Program - OFSR


Administrative Rule Adopted by Portland Fire & Rescue Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority



A.  This policy is established August 26, 2010.

B.  The purpose of this policy is to establish the Online Fire System Reporting Program (OFSR) and establish procedures for this program.

C.  It is recognized that buildings with complete fire sprinkler systems that are managed in a way that values fire safety pose a lower risk to the public and firefighters. This program rewards this partnering in fire prevention by shifting the frequency for periodic fire safety inspections performed by PF&R Inspectors from a 24 month cycle to a 48 month cycle for all except the "core" occupancy. This allows PF&R to refocus the limited Inspection resources to inspect higher risk non-sprinklered occupancies. Since this shift relies on the performance of automatic fire sprinkler systems, there must be an extremely high level of confidence that these systems are tested, maintained and modified to change with building and use changes over time. To insure this is done in accord with national standards this program relies on reporting through an internet connection with participating building managers and contractors. Because the program relies on building management that has demonstrated good fire safety values and because it relies on communication through the internet instead of the US Mail it must be voluntary on the part of users (building owner and service contractor). Also PF&R must screen and approve applicants to assure buildings will be maintained in safe condition without close oversite on the part of PF&R.

This program initially covers only inspection of fire sprinkler systems in buildings with complete systems that have off site monitored water flow alarms and valve supervision. It is intended that if successful this program will be extended to fire alarm systems to maintain the 48 month inspection frequency.

The background, justification and cost analysis for this program are included in the attached report, "Web-based Fire System Reporting Program" (Attachment #1).


A.  See OFSR Program Guide dated May 27, 2010 (Attachment #2). This document establishes eligibility, duties and obligations for building managers, service contractors and the city. The Program Guide also summarizes a variety of other topics including processes to follow, limitations during program phase in, fees, suspension and termination from the program and appeal process associated with suspension and termination. Initial applications are also included.

B.  Service Contractors must report summaries of their system inspections through PF&R's internet system. A User Manual for this system is provided (Attachment #3).

C.  Attachment #4 contains procedures for the OFSR Program Manager and Inspectors. It discusses the email system used for automated and manual correspondence and documentation created in Fires2000. It also establishes guidelines for coordination of Gideon Plans and District Inspectors for buildings registered in the program.

D.  Attachment #5 is a user guide for the Permit Techs who will be setting up the buildings in Fires2000 for proper entry through the internet application by service contractors.



Attachments (all in PDF format):

#1 Executive Summary, Web-Based Fire System Reporting Program  (128 kb)

#2 OFSR Program Guide  (112 kb)

#3 User Manual  (236 kb)

#4 OFSR Procedure Manual for Program Manager and Inspectors  (80 kb)

#5 OFSR Permit Tech Procedures  (376 kb)



Adopted by Chief of Portland Fire & Rescue August 26, 2010 and filed for inclusion in PPD September 7, 2010.