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EMG-1.05 - Alert and Warning Annex


Non-Binding City Policy




WHEREAS, some incidents occur with enough warning that notification can be issued to ensure the appropriate level of preparation, other incidents occur with little or no advanced warning and do not provide enough time to adequately notify the public; and

WHEREAS, to alert the greatest possible audience at risk in an emergency requires the use of multiple systems and methods to capture the public’s attention regardless of their location or the time of day, and ensure important safety actions are communicated to all in the affected community regardless of language, disability or other factors inhibiting a clear understanding of the message; and

WHEREAS, the Alert and Warning Annex is intended to facilitate the coordination of timely emergency information across bureaus and to the general public by describing the methods by which emergency alerts and warnings are communicated to the public and incidents that trigger the lead response bureau to notify PBEM; and

WHEREAS, the provisions of the Alert and Warning Annex seek to establish and maintain consistent understanding and use of information among City bureaus, emergency management partners and the general public as well as providing a common standard for City bureaus to follow for notifying the Mayor and appropriate City officials; and




NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the update to the Alert and Warning Annex to the Basic Emergency Operations Plan is hereby adopted as a non-binding policy, substantially as set forth in Exhibit A, attached to this resolution. 

Link to Exhibit A - Alert and Warning Annex  (PDF Document, 1 MB)



Resolution No. 36870, adopted by City Council July 13, 2011.

Amended by Resolution No. 37012, adopted by City Council April 10, 2013.