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EMG-1.06 - Flood Response Appendix


Non-Binding City Policy




WHEREAS, Portland is subject to flooding from river overflow from the Columbia, Willamette, Tualatin and Sandy Rivers, and Johnson and Fanno Creeks, as well as flooding from stormwater systems; and

WHEREAS, floods are caused by spring snowmelt and intense winter rainstorms; and

WHEREAS, the purpose of the 2011 Flood Response Appendix is to establish, clarify and assign roles and responsibilities for flood response activities within the city limits of Portland, Oregon; and

WHEREAS, the goal of the 2011 Flood Response Appendix is to coordinate and facilitate resources, protect residents, visitors and employees of the City of Portland, minimize the impact of flood emergencies to the built and natural environments, and reduce economic and social losses; and

WHEREAS, the 2011 Flood Response Appendix recognizes Portland Bureau of Transportation as the lead response bureau and applies to all city bureaus that may be requested to provide assistance or conduct operations in response to a flood emergency impacting the City of Portland; and

WHEREAS, all City bureaus will coordinate resources to implement flood response priorities:

•  Prevent life-threatening situations by facilitating alert, warning and notification to the public,

•  Rescue persons in life-threatening situations,

•  Protect the environment and critical public infrastructure,

•  Ensure streets and drainage ways are operational,

•  Perform flood-fighting activities on City owned and operated property; and

WHEREAS, the 2011 Flood Response Appendix augments the Basic Emergency Operations Plan and the authorities outlined in City Code 15 and Chapter 3.125.020 and address flood response specifically; and




NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the 2011 Flood Response Appendix to the Basic Emergency Operations Plan is hereby adopted as a non-binding policy, substantially as set forth in Exhibit A, attached to this resolution; and

Link to Exhibit A - Flood Response Appendix  (PDF Document, 19 MB)



Resolution No. 36871, adopted by City Council July 13, 2011.