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EMG-1.08 - Communications Annex


Non-Binding City Policy




WHEREAS, a large-scale emergency will affect the ability of emergency responders and government officials to communicate by damaging, disrupting or degrading one or more communications systems; and,

WHEREAS, timely communication affects the quality of the response provided and the outcomes achieved; and,

WHEREAS, when an emergency occurs, communication is critical to the response to, and recovery from, the incident - even if no infrastructure damage occurs, the nature of the emergency may overwhelm the capacity of the communications systems in place; and,

WHEREAS, the Communication Annex describes the City’s communications and information technology infrastructure and establishes a concept of operations for the use of these communications systems in an emergency event; and,

WHEREAS, the Communication Annex supports the City of Portland’s Basic Emergency Operations Plan and applies to all City bureaus, staff and elected officials; and,

WHEREAS, the provisions of the Communication Annex establish a common understanding of the communications systems used to facilitate and coordinate the exchange and sharing of information and how these systems will be managed during an emergency event; and,




NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Communications Annex to the Basic Emergency Operations Plan is hereby adopted as a non-binding policy, substantially as set forth in Exhibit A, attached to this resolution.

Link to Exhibit A - Communications Annex  (PDF Document, 2 MB)



Resolution No. 36921, adopted by City Council May 2, 2012.