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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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Section 13-301. Charter Commission.

(a)  From time to time, but no less frequently than every 10 years, the Council shall convene a Charter review commission (“Charter Commission”) to review and recommend amendments to this Charter provided, however, that the first Charter Commision shall be convened no later than two (2) years after the effective date of this Article.  The Charter Commission shall be reflective of the City in terms of its racial and ethnic diversity, age and geography. It shall be comprised of twenty (20) residents of the City.  Each member of the Council shall nominate four (4) Charter Commission members who shall be subject to confirmation by the Council.  The term of office of each member of the Charter Commission shall be no less than two years.  The Council may reappoint members to additional terms of office or to subsequent Charter commissions.  The Charter Commission shall determine its own rules of procedure. No member of the Charter Commission shall serve as an elective officer of the City during his or her service on the Charter Commission.  The Mayor or Council may request that the Charter Commission review specific sections of the Charter, but the work and recommendations of the Charter Commission shall not be limited to such specific sections.  The Commission shall provide a written report of its findings to the City Council. 

(b)  A vacancy exists on the Charter Commission upon a member’s resignation, death, inability to serve or failure of a member without cause to attend three successive regular meetings.  If there is a vacancy on the Charter Commission, the Council member who made the original nomination, or that member’s successor in office, shall nominate a person to fill the unexpired term of office, subject to confirmation by Council.  [New Section May 15, 2007, effective January 1, 2009; amended May 15, 2012, effective June 13, 2012.]