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EMG-1.10 - Portland Local Energy Assurance Plan Appendix


Non-Binding City Policy




WHEREAS, Portland’s Critical Energy Infrastructure Hub (CEI Hub) is located in the heart of a high seismic hazard area along a six-mile stretch of the lower reach of the Willamette River in Northwest Portland – an area that includes marine oil terminals, fuel tank farms, liquefied natural gas, natural gas, ports and riverfront facilities, pipelines and high voltage electrical transmission systems; and,

WHEREAS, the CEI Hub sits on top of soils that are highly susceptible to earthquake-induced ground deformation, liquefaction and other hazards; and,

WHEREAS, an energy disruption can occur as a result of several factors including extreme weather conditions (wind storms that knock down utility poles/wires, heat waves that increase demand on the energy grid and sag power lines), other natural hazards (landslides, earthquakes, flooding) or adversarial threats including cyber security and sabotage/terrorism; and,

WHEREAS, fuel interruption can impact the transportation of goods, services, and the ability of government agencies and utilities to provide essential services; and,

WHEREAS, having a clear understanding of what Oregon’s energy resources are and the amount of energy used provides us with knowledge of what resources we rely upon, how much of that resource we use typically, and what options we have when one or more of the resources are not available; and,

WHEREAS, energy assurance planning allows jurisdictions to better anticipate and meet fuel needs during an energy disruption; and,

WHEREAS, stakeholders participating in the Portland Local Energy Assurance Plan (LEAP) process looked at Portland’s reliance on energy and the vulnerability of the energy supply, and developed recommendations on what the city and community should do to ensure greater energy assurance in the face of future energy disruptions; and,

WHEREAS, the LEAP is an appendix to the Basic Emergency Operations Plan; and,




NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Portland Local Energy Assurance Plan is hereby adopted as a non-binding policy, substantially as set forth in Exhibit A, attached to this resolution.

Link to Exhibit A - Portland Local Energy Assurance Plan  (PDF Document, 6 MB)



Resolution No. 36951, adopted by City Council August 29, 2012.