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TRN-10.40 - Driveways on Arterial Streets

Administrative Rule Adopted by Bureau of Transportation Engineering & Development Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority
I.  Introduction
Transportation Policy supports public streets which provide safe and convenient pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle access. A permit to construct a driveway in the right-of-way is issued by the City Engineer.

II.  Definitions
"Driveway" means a concrete way for vehicular traffic extending from the roadway to the property line across a sidewalk, whether or not such sidewalk is improved for the purpose of providing access to parking or maneuvering space on abutting property.
"Residential driveway" means a driveway serving a one or two family residence.
"Commercial driveway" means a driveway serving any property except a one or two family residence.
"Arterial Street" means any street that is not a Local Service Traffic Street according to the traffic classification maps in the Transportation Element of the Comprehensive Plan.

III. Administrative Rule for Commercial Driveways on Arterial Streets
To provide safe access to arterial streets, commercial driveways must be designed to accommodate two-way vehicular traffic unless otherwise approved by the City Engineer.

IV. Reference
Chapter 17.28.100
Transportation Element of the Comprehensive Plan
Pursuant to Rulemaking Authority under Chapter 3.12

Filed for inclusion in PPD February 26, 2004.