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The City of Portland, Oregon

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7.25.120 Unlawful to Tow Vehicles.

It is unlawful for any person to tow any vehicle parked at any registered facility without the permission of the parker unless:

A.  The vehicle has been parked at the registered facility without the payment of the required parking fees or without authorization for a period in excess of 24 hours after the period for which parking fees have been paid or authorization has been given; or

B.  The vehicle is parked at the registered facility in such a manner as to clearly impede vehicular ingress or egress to and from designated parking stalls or the facility itself, or is parked in any area that is clearly and conspicuously designated by signs or other traffic control devices as areas in which parking is restricted or forbidden; or

C.  The vehicle is parked at any of the operator’s registered parking facilities, and:

1.  Within the previous 2-year period, the vehicle was parked at any of the operator’s registered facilities without payment of parking fees or authorization, three times or more; and

2.  During that time the operator affixed and mailed the notices and payment letters as provided for in this Chapter; and

3.  Three or more penalties remain unpaid; and

4.  The operator has mailed a notice by certificate of mailing, and a reasonable amount of time has elapsed for service of the notice, advising the registered owner(s) and any other persons who reasonably appear to have any interest in the vehicle stating that the vehicle will be towed if the vehicle is again parked at a registered parking facility.  The notice must also state the total amount due for outstanding penalties, the issue date and parking facility location for each outstanding penalty, the method(s) of payment accepted, the name, address and phone number of the operator, and that the vehicle owner may submit a written complaint to the Bureau if attempts to resolve the complaint with the operator are unsuccessful.  The operator shall retain a copy of each notice for not less than 1 year and make such copies available upon request of the Director.  The notice must be in a form approved by the City Attorney’s Office; and,

5.  Such towing is performed in compliance with Chapter 7.24 Private Property Impound Towing.