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ADM-4.06 - Public Involvement Advisory Council (PIAC) 2013 Annual Report, Appointment of PIAC Members, and Direction to Carry Out Specific Activities


Binding City Policy




WHEREAS, the Council created the Public Involvement Advisory Council (PIAC) in 2008 in response to urging from community members and City bureaus to help the City involve the public more consistently and in more meaningful ways in the work of the City;

WHEREAS, Portland City government works best when community members and government work together as partners, and effective public involvement is essential to achieving and sustaining this partnership and the civic health of our city;

WHEREAS, effective public involvement:

•  Ensures better City decisions that more effectively respond to the needs and priorities of the community;

•  Engages community members and community resources as part of the solution;

•  Engages the broader diversity of the community, especially people who have not been engaged in the past;

•  Increases public understanding of and support for public policies and programs; and

•  Increases the legitimacy and accountability of government actions.

WHEREAS, meaningful public involvement is essential for compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and for implementing the City’s Civil Rights Title VI Plan and associated environmental justice policies;

WHEREAS, PIAC members served during 2013 on the Policy Expert Group for the community involvement component of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, helping to draft goals and policies that will govern the City’s approach to public involvement for planning and investment decisions;

WHEREAS, at the direction of the Council, PIAC developed a “public involvement impact statement” modeled on the previous “financial impact statement,” resulting in the Financial Impact and Public Involvement Statement (FIPIS) form which was approved the Council in July, 2011;

WHEREAS, at the direction of the Council, PIAC developed guidelines for the City’s Budget Advisory Committees (BAC’s) which were adopted by the Council in September, 2012;

WHEREAS, at the direction of the Council, PIAC developed a “public involvement baseline assessment” questionnaire, directed bureaus to complete the questionnaire each year and submit it to PIAC, and directed PIAC to review this information and report to the Council.

WHEREAS, the Council has directed PIAC to report annually on its work and progress;




NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Council accepts the PIAC Annual Report for 2013, including the results of the first public involvement baseline assessment;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Council directs PIAC to develop a manual of practices to support City staff in implementing the public involvement goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan, as well as the public involvement requirements of the City’s Title II and Title VI policies;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Council directs PIAC to review the application in practice of the BAC guidelines and to recommend possible steps to ensure they are implemented effectively and in conformance with the City’s Title II and Title VI policies;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Council directs PIAC to review the implementation and effectiveness of the FIPIS form from the perspective of City staff, community members and elected officials, and to recommend possible modifications to the form to improve its effectiveness and relevance to the City’s Title II and Title VI policies;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Council appoint the following members to PIAC:


Community   Members




Claire Adamsick

At-large, NE neighborhood coordinator

12/3/13 – 9/30/16

Mohamed Ali

At-large, Immigrant & refugee service provider

5/6/14 – 9/30/16

Glenn Bridger

At-large, SW neighborhood activist

10/1/13 – 9/30/16

Baher Butti

At-large, Refugee case manager

5/6/14 – 9/30/16

Donita Fry

Native American Youth and Family Center

12/3/13 – 9/30/16

Maryhelen Kincaid

At-large, North/NE neighborhood activist

5/6/14 – 9/30/16

Julio Maldonado

At-large, Public health program manager

5/6/14 – 9/30/16

Linda Nettekoven

At-large, SE neighborhood activist

10/1/13 – 9/30/16

Diana Pei Wu

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon

5/6/14 – 9/30/16

Jessica Wade

At-large, Educator

3/4/14 – 9/30/16

Christine White

Port of Portland

10/1/14 – 9/30/16

Mark Wubbold

At-large, Policy analyst (PSU)

5/6/14 – 9/30/16




City Staff




Kelly Ball

Management & Finance

10/1/13 – 9/30/16

William Beamer

Planning and Sustainability

10/1/13 – 9/30/16

Ross Caron

Development Services

3/4/14 – 9/30/16

Michael Crebs


10/1/13 – 9/30/16

Jaymee Cuti

Housing (replacing Liam Frost)

10/1/13 – 9/30/14

Aaron Johnson

Fire & Rescue

5/21/13 – 9/30/16

Shoshanah Oppenheim

Internal Business Services

12/3/13 – 9/30/16

Steve Pixley

Parks & Recreation

12/3/13 – 9/30/16

Jeff Selby

Equity & Human Rights

4/1/14 – 9/30/16


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this resolution is binding City policy.

Link to Exhibit - PIAC Annual Report for 2013  (PDF Document, 840 kb)



Resolution No. 37074, adopted by City Council May 21, 2014.