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19.16.500 Duckworth Dock Moorage.

(Added by Ordinance No. 186748, effective August 6, 2014.)

A.  As used in this Section and Section 19.16.515 the following words and terms have the meanings indicated unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

1.  “PBOT” means the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation. Where appropriate, the term “PBOT” also refers to the staff and employees of the Portland Bureau of Transportation.  

2.  “Dock” means the PBOT float, piers, and gangway that are part of the Kevin J. Duckworth Memorial Dock installed on the east bank of the Willamette River and attached to the Eastbank Esplanade near and upriver (south) of the Steel Bridge.

3.  “Commercial vessel” means a vessel which is used, rigged, or licensed for any commercial use or purpose, and shall include watercraft operated within the terms of a concession lease or agreement with the City of Portland.

4.  “Night” means any period of time between one hour after sunset until one hour before sunrise.

5.  “Director” means the Director of the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

B.  The operator of recreational watercraft may use the Dock for recreational purposes only. It is unlawful to use the Dock for any purpose other than recreation without prior written permission of the Director.

C.  It is unlawful to moor a watercraft at the Duckworth Dock during the night, except as described in this Section, without prior written permission of the Director. The Harbor Master may permit a craft to be moored at the Duckworth Dock for more than 24 hours only when the craft is inoperable and reasonable additional time is needed to repair it. Mooring of boats will be allowed for a period of up to 72 hours from Friday at noon to Monday at noon from the full weekend prior to the Memorial Day holiday weekend through the full weekend after the Labor Day weekend.  During the rest of year mooring of boats will be allowed as a day-use only with no overnight mooring.

D.  Recreational boats may moor on both sides of the dock, with the exception of the 100-feet outside and upstream portion of the dock designated for commercial vessels (tour boats, water taxis, etc.).  Commercial vessels must obtain a permit through the Portland Parks & Recreation Reservation Center, which is allowed to issue commercial permits on PBOT’s behalf.

E.  Use of the Dock shall be on a first come, first served basis unless otherwise permitted by the Director. Reserving or retaining space to moor a watercraft, by means of a dinghy or any method other than occupying the space by the watercraft to be moored or obtaining a permit is prohibited.

F.  The mooring of any craft in violation of this Section may result in eviction from moorage, in addition to any other penalty prescribed by law.

G.  The Director is authorized to issue administrative rules and establish moorage fees which the Director deems necessary to operate and maintain the Dock.

H.  The provisions of this Section may be enforced by the Director or his or her appointed designees, the Portland Park Bureau Rangers, the Harbor Master, the Portland Police Bureau and its officers, and, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and its deputies.

I.  The Director is authorized to designate persons in charge of the Dock.  The designation shall be in writing, and any person and law enforcement agency so designated shall be a “person in charge” as that term is defined in ORS 164.205(5) until the designation is removed by the Director. The Director shall maintain a list of all persons who have been designated as a “person in charge” of the Dock.  Upon request, the Director shall provide a copy of the list to the District Attorney of Multnomah County.

J.  The City of Portland, its officers, employees, and agents are not liable for any personal injury or property damage resulting from maintenance or use of the Dock.