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11.05.050 Other City, Regional, State and Federal Regulations.

A.  Relationship to Title 33 Planning and Zoning.

1.  Generally. The regulations of Title 33 shall be met in addition to the regulations of this Title, unless otherwise specified in a condition of land use approval;

2.  Conditions of approval. Conditions of approval attached to a land use review shall be met unless they have expired as specified in Title 33 Planning and Zoning.

B.  Relationship to other City, Regional, State and Federal regulations.

1.  Compliance required. In addition to the requirements of the this Title and Title 33 Planning and Zoning, tree removal and planting actions shall comply with all other City, regional, state, and federal regulations, including the Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Compliance with Title 11 does not in any way imply, either directly or indirectly, compliance with any other law. Where the provisions of this Title conflict with those set forth in other regulations under the City Code or ordinance, the more restrictive requirement will prevail. When both provisions are equally restrictive, the most recently adopted requirement will prevail, except in matters affecting public safety.

2.  References to other regulations. References in the tree code to other City, regional, state, or federal regulations do not constitute a complete list of such regulations. These references do not imply any responsibility by the City for enforcement of regional, state or federal regulations.

3.  Current versions and citations. All references to other City, regional, state or federal regulations in the Tree Code refer to the most current version and citation for those regulations, unless specifically indicated otherwise. Where the referenced regulations have been repealed, requirements to comply with those regulations are no longer in effect. Where the citation for the referenced regulation has been renumbered, the regulation continues to apply.

4.  City guidelines and policy documents. City, Street, or Private Trees may be subject to policy, design, or other guidance documents adopted in compliance with City Code. In these cases, the City Forester shall adhere to these documents insofar as they do not conflict with the requirements of this Title. In cases of such conflict, the City Forester may require an alternative that is consistent with this Title and that reasonably satisfies the overall objectives of the policy or guidance document.