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11.10.060 Performance Guarantees.

A.  Applicability. The City Forester or BDS Director may require performance guarantees when an owner, applicant, or responsible person defers a planting requirement, as an assurance for performance path root protection methods, or when a violation has occurred and there is uncertainty regarding the extent of a particular tree injury.

B.  Types of guarantees. Guarantees may be in the form of a performance bond payable to the City in cash, by certified check, time certificate of deposit, irrevocable letter of credit, or other form acceptable to the City. Indemnity agreements may be used by other governmental agencies. Guarantees shall be accompanied by a contract. The form of the guarantee and contract shall be approved by the City Attorney. The City Forester and BDS Director are each authorized to accept and sign the contract for the City, and to accept the guarantee.

C.  Amount of guarantee. The amount of the performance guarantee shall be equal to at least 110 percent of the estimated cost of performance as described below. The owner, applicant or responsible party shall provide written estimates by three contractors with their names and addresses. The estimates shall include as separate items all materials, labor, and other costs of the required action.

1.  Planting deferral. When tree planting is deferred, the cost of performance is equivalent to the payment in lieu for any trees to be planted and maintained for a 2 year period.

2.  Alternate root protection method assurance. If assurances are required for alternate root protection methods, the cost of performance is the estimated cost for removing the tree, plus an equivalent payment in lieu for planting to meet the tree standards in Chapter 11.50 Trees in Development Situations.

3.  Violation remedy. Should an injury result to a protected tree, and where the City Forester determines that the tree may still be viable, the property owner or responsible party may submit a performance guarantee in lieu of providing for an arborist treatment regimen or removing the tree in accordance with the provisions in Chapter 11.70. If assurances are allowed in these cases, the cost of performance is the estimated cost for removing the tree, plus an equivalent payment in lieu for replacing the tree based on mitigating at an inch for inch equivalent.

D.  Completion. An inspection and approval of the action or improvement covered by the performance guarantee is required before the performance guarantee is returned. The inspection will be conducted by the appropriate City bureau that holds the guarantee. If the action or improvement is not completed satisfactorily within the stated time limits, the City may have the necessary action or improvement completed and seek reimbursement for the work from the performance guarantee. Any remaining funds will be returned to the owner, applicant, or responsible party.