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ENB-4.33 - BES Branch CIPP Lining Administrative Rules


Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureau of Environmental Services Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority



Link to Full Text of Administrative Rules  (PDF Document, 140 kb). What follows is the Table of Contents and an excerpt from the administrative rules:

Table of Contents

1.  Applicability

2.  Purpose

3.  Definitions

4.  Regulatory Authority

5.  Submittal Requirements

6.  Installation Requirements

7.  Administrative Review and Appeal


These are temporary administrative rules of the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) CIPP Branch Lining Program.



1.  Applicability

These rules apply to CIPP pipe lining for repair of branch sewer laterals in the public right-of-way.

2.  Purpose

These rules establish BES criteria for allowing the use of CIPP pipe lining for the public portion of sewer laterals (the portion of the lateral between the property line and the sewer main). These rules support the following City program goals:

A.  Pilot testing of new technology for pipe repairs;

B.  Enhancing consistency with plumbing regulations and materials allowed on private property; and

C.  Reducing site disruption and perhaps lowering sewer repair costs for property owners.

3.  Definitions

Certain terms used in these rules are defined by Portland City Code (PCC) Chapter 17.32 and the following:

A.  “Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP)” means a resin-impregnated tube inserted into an existing pipe, expanded, and cured to form a new, lined, watertight pipe, in accordance with ASTM F1216, ASTM F1743, ASTM F2561, and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

B.  “End Seal” means continuous hydrophilic O-rings or an approved manufacturer-specific product that seals the ends of the CIPP with the existing City sewer main or original lateral pipe in a manner that prevents future infiltration or migration of fine aggregate.

4.  Regulatory Authority

These rules are authorized by PCC Section 3.13.040.



Adopted by Acting Director of Bureau of Environmental Services November 10, 2014.

Filed for inclusion in PPD November 10, 2014.