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6.07.080 Appeal.

A.  Any Seller aggrieved by any decision of the Director with respect to the amount of the tax owed along with interest and penalties, if any, may appeal the decision to the Business License Appeals Board as created under PCC 7.02.295.

B.  The Seller must file the appeal within 30 days of the City’s serving or mailing of the determination of tax due. The Seller must file using forms provided by the City.

C.  Upon receipt of the appeal form, the City will schedule a hearing to occur within 90 calendar days. The City will give the Seller notice of the time and date for the hearing no less than seven days before the hearing date. At the hearing the Business License Appeals Board will hear and consider any records and evidence presented bearing upon the Director's determination of amount due and make findings affirming, reversing or modifying the determination. The Director and the appellant may both provide written and oral testimony during the hearing. The findings of the Business License Appeal Board are final and conclusive. The City will serve the findings upon the appellant in the manner prescribed above for service of notice of hearing. Any amount found to be due is immediately due and payable upon the service of notice.