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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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3.30.010 Duties of the Bureau of Development Services.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 176955, 180330, 182671, 182962, 186216, 184522, 185448 and 186053, effective January 1, 2015.)  The Bureau of Development Services shall be responsible for:

A.  The administration and enforcement of provisions of the Tree Regulations, Title 11, as further specified in that Title.

B.  The administration and enforcement of:

1.  Building Regulations, Title 24.

2.  Plumbing Regulations, Title 25.

3.  Electrical Regulations, Title 26.

4.  Heating and Ventilating Regulations, Title 27.

5.  Floating Structures, Title 28.

6.  Property Maintenance Regulations, Title 29.

7.  Signs and Related Regulations, Title 32.

8.  Original Art Murals, Title 4.

9.  State of Oregon Regulations regarding manufactured dwellings.

10.  Other regulations enacted by the State of Oregon and adopted by the City Council and assigned to the Bureau.

C.  The application and enforcement of the provisions of Planning and Zoning Regulations, Title 33 as delegated by the Director of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.

D.  The examination and checking of applications, plans, specifications and supporting documentation required as a prerequisite to the approval of land use actions and permits for development.

E.  The coordination of related permits with other bureaus and offices as required to manage the Development Services Center.

F.  The issuance of approvals and permits required for the construction, installation, repair, or alteration of land, buildings or equipment.

G.  The inspection of sites, buildings or other structures and equipment for compliance with plans and specifications and with applicable Code provisions and laws; and

H.  Other duties as assigned to the Bureau.