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The City of Portland, Oregon

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11.15.020 Urban Forestry Fund.

A.  Purpose. The purpose of the Urban Forestry Fund is to replace Street or City Trees illegally removed or damaged, to enhance the urban forest through the planting of new Street or City Trees, and to increase public awareness of trees, tree care, and values of the urban forest.

B.  Expenditures. Money in the Urban Forestry Fund may be used as follows:

1.  To replace, establish, and maintain Street or City Trees illegally removed or damaged;

2.  To plant, establish and maintain Street or City Trees where, in the judgment of the Forester, they will enhance the values of the Urban Forest;

3.  To provide education, outreach and technical assistance to the community; and

4.  Other Forestry-related actions or programs, as determined by the City Forester.

C.  Contributions. Contributions to the Urban Forestry Fund may occur through a number of means as established by the City Forester, including:

1.  Payment of restoration fees, civil penalties, or civil remedies resulting from City or Street Tree enforcement actions; and

2.  Voluntary contributions

D.  Administration of Urban Forestry Fund. The Urban Forestry Fund is administered by the City Forester, maintained in a dedicated separate account, and is independent of the general fund. Any balance in the Urban Forestry Fund will be carried forward into subsequent fiscal years.