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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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11.20.030 The Urban Forestry Appeals Board.

A.  Membership. The Urban Forestry Appeals Board consists of five members representing diverse interests of the Urban Forestry Commission, selected by a majority of the Commission. Members will serve without compensation for terms not to exceed their membership in the general Commission and may be reappointed.

B.  Rules of order. The Urban Forestry Appeals Board may elect its own chair and propose rules of procedure as it deems necessary to the conduct of its duties. The Commission will consider and adopt such rules upon majority vote. All rules become effective upon adoption by the Commission and shall be filed in the Portland Policy Documents repository described in Chapter 1.07.

C.  Meetings. The Appeals Board will meet as required to respond and to hear appeals within the time allotted to appeals as described in this Title. Appeal hearings are open to the public.

D.  Duties. The Appeals Board is responsible for reviewing and deciding appeals of tree permit decisions as authorized in this Title.