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The City of Portland, Oregon

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11.20.050 The Urban Forest Plan.

A.  Purpose. The Urban Forest Plan (the Plan) establishes a comprehensive framework of goals, policies, and actions to guide City management activities and decisions over the short and long term. The plan will be implemented through the individual and collective works of the City Forester and other City bureaus, agencies, citizens, organizations and other groups.

B.  Roles. The City Forester, in consultation with the Urban Forestry Commission and City bureaus, is responsible for coordinating the development, update, and implementation of the Urban Forest Plan. Working groups made up of representatives of those bureaus and groups who contribute to the management of the City’s urban forest will be formed to develop citywide action plans to implement the Plan, and to monitor and report on progress of those actions.

C.  Updates. The Plan will periodically, and at least every 10 years, be reviewed and updated to respond to changes in the condition of the urban forest, changes in city policy or changes to applicable regulatory mandates.