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11.30.020 Description of Tree Permits.

A.  Generally. Tree permits are required for tree-related activities not associated with:

1.  Heritage Trees (see Chapter 11.20);

2.  Programmatic Permits (see Chapter 11.45); or

3.  Tree plans or activities that require a development permit (see Chapter 11.50).

B.  Types of Permits.   There are two types of tree permits, A and B. This Chapter sets out the procedures for each permit type, including when public notice and opportunity for public appeal are required. Applications for activities subject to both a Type A and Type B permit will be processed as a Type B permit. The type of permit may be modified during the course of the review when the City Forester finds that the standards or review factors are not met or when the approved scope of the tree activity is changed. For example, a Type A tree permit application to remove a dangerous tree may be modified to a Type B removal request when the City Forester finds the tree is not dangerous. Conversely, the City Forester may modify a Type B request to remove a Street Tree by granting a Type A pruning permit instead of allowing the removal. The standards and review factors for granting Type A or B permits are in Chapter 11.40.   Table 30-1 summarizes the public notice and appeal procedures applicable to a Type A or Type B permit.


Table 30-1 Public Notice and Appeal requirements for City, Street and Private Trees



Proposal City/Street or Private Tree Public Notice/Public May Appeal [1]
A Any Type A request City/Street/Private No
B Up to four healthy <20" diameter nuisance and non-nusance species trees City/Street No
≥ 20” diameter, healthy nuisance or non-nuisance species tree City/Street Yes
More than four healthy ≥ 12" diameter nuisance and non-nuisance species trees  City/Street
≥ 20” diameter, healthy non-nuisance species tree [2] Private
More than four healthy ≥12” diameter non-nuisance species trees Private
Note [1] The applicant may appeal any Type A or B permit decision.
Note [2] No public notice or opportunity for public appeal is required for removal of one healthy non-nuisance species tree >20” diameter per lot per calendar year in any residential zone.