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3.15.070 Bureau of Technology Services.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 186746 and 187060, effective March 25, 2015.)

A.  The Bureau of Technology Services shall be supervised by the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the City, and who shall report to the CAO.  The Bureau shall be responsible for the Technology Services Fund (PCC 5.04.500).  The CTO shall have specific authority to:

1.  Enter into nondisclosure agreements between the City and prospective vendors in order for City employees to review proprietary information on products and technologies that are, or might be, considered for use by the City.  A nondisclosure agreement is one that prohibits the release of proprietary or confidential information, whether held by the City or the vendor, and does not include any monetary consideration.

2.  In consultation with the bureau that is the custodian of record, enter into data grant agreements between the City and grantees in order for Bureau employees to share City Geographical Information Systems data.  A data grant agreement is one in which the City will grant the use of pertinent GIS data to agencies, organizations or individuals (grantees) for research projects or projects performed under contract with the City.  Data grant agreements may include direct cost reimbursements to the City.

B.  Except as specifically exempted by the CTO, the Bureau shall manage, establish policies and standards, and provide technical support for all City-owned technology systems.  Technology systems include, but are limited to, information and electronic communications systems.  It shall:

1.  Provide citywide technology strategic planning and consulting services, including project scoping, budget preparation and analysis, system planning and procurement, resource allocation and project management for technology projects.

2.  Design, implement and manage all technology hardware and software including system security measures.

3.  Manage all citywide radio, video, data communications, microwave, wireless communications and telephone systems and equipment owned by the City.

4.  Design, implement and manage all citywide voice, video and data applications.

5.  Manage all end user technology support services, including Help Desk and Desktop Support services.

6.  Manage citywide Geographic Information Systems.

7.  Provide all Internet and Intranet services to City bureaus, offices, boards and commissions.

8.  In cooperation with the Procurement Services Division of the Bureau of Internal Business Services, review and approve the purchase of all technology software, hardware and professional consulting services.  Any proposed technology lease transaction shall first be reviewed and approved by the City’s Debt Manager.

9.  Provide technical expertise and information to technical oversight committees for City technology projects.

10.  Provide all telephone services to City bureaus; coordinate with telephone vendors; order new facilities and equipment for city-owned or leased systems; plan telephone systems; and resolve all telephone problems.

11.   Manage the City’s official website.

12.  Manage and authorize all City domain name registrations and renewals.