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24.55.150 Definitions.

 (Added by Ordinance No. 187017, effective April 19, 2015.)

A.  Demolition.  Demolition means removal of the entire superstructure down to the subflooring, such that none of the existing superstructure is maintained.  Demolition includes removal of all exterior walls.  It also includes alteration, abandonment or removal of all of the existing perimeter foundation.

B.  Major Residential Alteration or Addition.  Major alteration or addition means doing any of the following:

1.  adding any new story, including a basement or other below-grade structure.  Raising a structure to meet the required headroom in a basement is considered the same as creating a basement,

2.  increasing or replacing 50 percent or more of the exterior wall area on any floor.  If the subflooring under an exterior wall is removed, it will be treated as if the wall was removed,

3.  adding total new floor area to the existing structure that exceeds 800 square feet, or

4.  adding an area exceeding 100 percent of the existing foundation footprint area of the structure.

C.  Recognized organization.  Recognized organization includes neighborhood coalitions and neighborhood associations recognized by the Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement.

D.  Subflooring.  Subflooring means the bottom-most structural floor laid as a base for a finished floor.

E.  Superstructure.  Superstructure means the part of the building or construction entirely above its foundation or basement.