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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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Guide to PPD Indexing System

Each policy or rule in the PPD is assigned a unique alphanumeric document code number by the City Auditor. This document number is based on the document type, classification category, subcategory and policy or rule number. For example, the FY 2001-02 Supplemental Budget has the following document code number:
Document Type:
Represents this is a Binding City Policy
Represents this is a Financial Policy
Represents the first subcategory - Budget
Represents the rule number in this subcategory

City Code Chapter 1.07 provides that four types of documents are required to be filed in the PPD:
  1. Binding City Policies: statements of the City Council, expressed in a Resolution or Ordinance that have binding effect or serve as mandatory approval criteria for future decision-making. 
    Document Type Prefix: BCP
  2. Non-Binding City Policies: statements of the City Council's opinion that do not have binding effect or serve as mandatory approval criteria for future decision-making.
    Document Type Prefix: NCP
  3. Administrative Rules Adopted by Council: binding requirements, regulations, or procedures that are formally adopted by the City Council.
    Document Type Prefix: ARC
  4. Administrative Rules Adopted Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority: binding requirements, regulations or procedures that are formally adopted by a City official pursuant to rule-making authority expressly delegated by the Council. Administrative rule-making authority must be adopted by a binding resolution or ordinance.
    Document Type Prefix: ARB

City Code section 1.07.040 authorizes the City Auditor to organize the PPD by subject matter. Policies and rules filed for inclusion in the PPD are assigned by the Auditor to a classification category.  Classification categories are based on the general subject matter of the document. The letter based prefix system allows for flexibility and provides easy identification of policy categories. The Auditor will amend the category listing as necessary to provide for future growth.
Administration ADM
Arts & Culture
Economy ECN
Education & Youth EDY
Environment - Built ENB
Environment - Natural ENN
Finance FIN
Fire & Rescue FIR
Housing HOU
Human Resources BHR
Licensing LIC
Parks PRK
Public Safety PSF
Technology BTS
Transportation TRN
Utilities UTL
As rules are entered into the PPD, subcategories will also be assigned to allow easy identification of types of rules and policies.

The Auditor will publish the PPD on the Auditor's Office web page. Policies and rule will be indexed in a number of different ways:
Per Portland City Code Section 1.07.030 the Auditor will also maintain a paper copy of the PPD. Documents in the paper PPD will be indexed numerically by Category. The paper PPD will be available for review in the Auditor's Office during normal working hours.